Tiger Translate London Mongolian Express Part1

Tiger Translate London was a blast. Met some of the biggest names, and had alot of fun and made new frens. There's was a number of collabs which i was involved in, first one mate: the Mongolian Express. Mee Wong from China, Pureevil and myself was involved in this one. This was the place where we did the cab, its along Brick Lane, where all the clubs were @. I think this placed is called London Warehouse or Airhouse, cant remember, but later during the week, Wayne (JUICE), Wanyee (TIGER) and myself went to check out: Digitalism. Wicked~

There's Purevil inspecting the cab. I got all engrossed and forgotten to take some work in progress. Basically, we took 2 days to finish, and it was quite an experience seeing how Pureevil work. He's the real deal, cheers mate.

That's his side of the cab.

My side of the cab. And Pureevil's working the top too. 

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