PSFK Workshop

PSFK Workshop with Jeff Staple. Thks to Brian and Paul from AWESOME for this chance. Its great to be part of a group of talented creatives such as: Bro Antz, Bro Kendrick IFS, Mutant Style, Eeshaun, Steve Lawler, Shaun and Joel.
The interaction was kick arse, cos it was a rare chance for me to learn what the concerns or work process from other creatives such as Shaun and Joel who both are photographers. Thks to the main man himself, Jeff for all the advice and insights. Respect.

I was really inspired by Jeff's journey as a design/creator. Just by doing what u really enjoy will eventually lead u places. I guess that was the most important lesson that day. Being true to oneself, I guess after having been going solo for 4mths that one point I could really relate to. At the end of it, its all about hard work, determination and being responsible about your art. And with abit of luck, u'll get some credit.

Thks to Siping and Antz for the shots!

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