Midnight Shift 231009

An invite-only afterhours party

Make the shift.

Singapore’s electronic music scene receives a long-overdue jolt, with
the pitching up of a brand new afterhours party. One that was always
there but never seen. A strictly invite-only party, Midnight Shift
opens its doors at 12am with a musical call to the industries of the
night. The first Midnight Shift will happen on 23 October 2009 at
sound signature Helipad. Featuring a mysterious international legend,
revealed only by word-of-mouth from those in-theknow, it’s your
weekend urban safari hunt.

Revealed only by word-of-mouth by those in-the know, Midnight Shift
brings in two mystery international guest legends to Singapore for the
first time with local heroes support.

It's the afterhours, and they're pitching up a music meet. For those
whom which the night means a little more than the day. For those
who've had just enough, to want a little more.

What goes on is undictated, unplanned and left unsaid. A belonging, a
code of conduct, a way of living that defies the rules of the opposite

Come see who else is up on the Midnight Shift.

Log on to http://www.mnshift.com for your invite.

P.S: AnD Artist do let me know if any of u guys are in town: VIP / Guest List : )

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