Launching April 16th (thru to April 21st) @ BLOODGROUP+ Space (32 Aliwal Street, Singapore),The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Exhibition ~ a follow up to ▲ Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the cult science fiction comedy series created in 1978 has been adapted into a stage show, a novel, a computer game, a Hollywood film, a comic book and even a series of towels, making it a multi-media phenomenon. And next month, for the first time, 42 Singapore based artists will show their intergalactic visions in a series of artworks inspired by the famous novel.

The show, curated by Steve Lawler, brings together a wealth of local talent. From pixel pushers to product designers, all fans of the mind-bending world of Douglas Adams. Guests to the free exhibition can expect to see some bizarre and warped creations from this new wave of visual artists. Each piece will be for sale in exclusive limited runs.

Says curator Steve Lawler, “By using a famous cult book like this we hope to broaden the spectrum of design which a larger demographic can relate to.”

Participating Artists include: Mojoko / Adeline Tan / Sharim Grubels / Jonathan Leong / Micheal Ng / Shaun Soh / Zahir Zanossi / Rick Treweek / Eric Foenander / Mriz Sidah / Nazneen Aziz / Sheryo / Pamm Hong / Andy Yang / Oats & Sparkle / Antz / Brian Chia / Shawn Lim / Mystic Vintage / Colin Faulks / Djohan Johari / Kelvin Lim / Drayson Phua / Winnie Goh / Aik Beng / Mr. B / Fleecircus / Kuatnth / Brandon Tay / Sean Dunston / Race krehel / Kristal melson / Twistii / Stanley Yap / Cherie Tan / Speak Cryptic

WHAT: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy™

TAGLINE: 42 Singapore based artists show their intergalactic visions in a series of artworks inspired by the famous novel.

WHERE: BLOODGROUP+ Space (32 Aliwal Street, #02-02, Singapore 199922)

WHEN: 16th Apr 2010 – 21st Apr 2010 *(These dates are for public visitors)

Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm

Opening Night: 15th April 2010. 7pm – 11pm

ufoArtgallery & present
"Dead Art Comes Alive"

To celebrate the 1st Anniversary of ufoArtgallery & 3rd Anniversary of, we are proud to present Dead Art Comes Alive, a special project which consists of 9 young talented artists with a fresh idea of 3 cycles of group exhibitions, all participated artists are chosen from

ufoArtgallery & share the same idea as they act as a platform to encourage artists to show their creativity. There is no "should" or "should not" in art, Dead Art Comes Alive aims to grow the audience attention to the yet-attended artists, and is a showcase of how these young artists express themselves through their artworks, it allows the audience to see the diversities and energy of some so-called deviant art, that can be witty, melancholic, mad, fun, humourous, blue and even creepy.

OPENING Wednesday, 21 April, 6-9pm
Exhibition 22 - 28 April

OPENING Thursday, 29 April, 6-9pm
Exhibition 30 April - 6 May

OPENING Friday, 7 May, 6-9pm
Exhibition 8 - 15 May

Please come out and support your local artists!


On the same night (April 21st), we will also be hosting a solo exhibition for co-founder Andrew Lin at The Schoeni Art Gallery on Hollywood Road.

EXHIBITION April 21-30
OPENING Wednesday April 21st 6:30-8:30pm
"Sins of Hong Kong"
Solo Exhibition by Andrew Lin (
Venue: Branch Gallery, 27 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

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