DeadArt Comes Alive Event Pixs

Brought to u by the good peeps @ Alivenotdead and ufoArtgallery.

Here's some snaps: Setting up~ Thats the gang and Kate Tai, thanks Kate for da help!

The boys from startfromzero!

The head belong to Nimchi Yuen, the painted ones too!

Turn out was good from inside.
From outside.

Kris, Me, Rave

That's Sisters Kristina Lao and Raven Hanson and me with bad hair. THey so prewwtty~and talented!

I didnt had anytime to take more shots. But it was really good to meet the other artist such as Shann, Emily, Sonya, Mike, Tanya. will hang out next time in HK. Sarah (panas atas) big thanks for showing me around, u so sweet! I wonder y we didnt take any photos in ufo. PS: Snap of a funny guy and fren, they coool.
Then it was the after party @ Racks. This was the only shot i could take cos it was so freaking packed. Packed's always good for parties : )

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