Pantone My Art Exhibition at tcc The Gallery

Witness ten Singapore-based artists express themselves in monochrome. Using colours from the Pantone Matching System, these artists face the challenge of creating artworks predominantly in one colour tone which they selected at random. This proprietary colour matching system is traditionally used in a variety of design and printing industries, though in this context, will extend to a wide range of mediums, from painting to digital art.

The show promises a showcase of the graphic urban art of Ben Qwek (MR.B) and Antz, the visual artistry of Singapore’s enfant terrible Zxerokool, the retro-inspired graphics of Mojoko, meticulously detailed illustrations by Messy Msxi, multimedia installations by Malvina Tan, digital paintings by Jack Youngblood, and the painterly visions of Jamie Paul, Jeremy Sharma and Aiman Hakim. Brought to you by TCC – The Connoisseur Concerto, these ten artists will transform the Boat Quay caffè’s upstairs gallery space into a veritable cornucopia of colour.
Sketches and Color Test
Quickies on Photoshop


Here's a sneak peak to what I'm working on. Check out the FB page and website here:

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