BED : SYNÆSTHESIA: drawing words, reading pictures

SYNÆSTHESIA: drawing words, reading pictures

08-17 April at The Substation Gallery (45 Armenian Street)
1900-2100 (opening night)
1000-2100 (daily)

SYNÆSTHESIA is a serial experiment that crosses the boundaries between two genres of art: the written word and the image. A collaboration between 17 pairs of writers and artists, Synæsthesia is the product of a marriage between form and words that exist beyond the page.
Synæsthesia is recognised as a neurological condition in which sensory and cognitive pathways criss-cross, resulting in individuals that report experiences such as perceiving letters and numbers to be inherently coloured, or hearing sounds in response to visual motion. In art, these multi-sensory experiences are often celebrated as the ongoing discovery of the possibilities of perception.

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