IDOLISM O.I.C x Curious Teepee

Collab between Mindflyer and Noreen Miun.

Setup's complete
The art pieces @ Curious Teepee
Photo by Twissti
Photo by Twissti
Opening Launch:
Thursday 5th May 2011, 7.30pm to 9.30pm
To RSVP for opening party, go to

Exhibition and sale of work closes: Sunday 22nd May 2011

A tweed jacket, lobster claw heels, four little white stitches, a red gown…Iconography that has been etched into our psyche wittingly (and unwittingly) through the delirious world of fashion.

For this exhibition, illustrators draw inspiration from these objects of desire and their inventors, creating original artworks in the process. Using different mediums, participating artists include Mindflyer, Mr B, Fleecircus, Sokkuan, Cherie The Mrr, Eeshaun, AnnGee, SanSan, Noreen, Fei, Miel, Annie Tan, Twisstii and Mriz Sidah just to name a few. With varying backgrounds and styles, from political cartoons, to abstract surrealism, several take their first foray into fashion as subject matter.

With the inaugural Singapore Men’s Fashion Week just past and the upcoming Audi Fashion Festival this May, A Curious Teepee and OIC aim to convey another side of fashion, as seen through the eyes and hands of an artist.

All artworks are on display and available for sale till Sunday 22nd May
at A Curious Teepee, 12pm to 9pm daily. 

More Coverage/Pics HERE.
Here's the actual artwork:
Paulie 2011 Oil on Linen 24x32
Oil on Linen 24 x 32

Using grid lines and charcoal
Adding the base skin tones.
Refining the skin tones. Begin masking the flat stripes.
Done :)

"The idea here was to infuse my own interpretation of what is fashion to me. Being an avid junkie for stripes, I'm inclined to the colorful myriad of striped colors from Paul Smith. Drawing inspiration from vintage pin ups from the 60s and 70s the piece was executed by the juxtaposition of this 2 influences. Models of that era was fashioned with big beehive hair and prints was in. There's this a retro feel to the Paul Smith's line of prints and clothing that I felt enduring to re-interpreted." 

More to come, till then, peace, B

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