UAOF Store 同族一潮 . 店 Now Open

UAOF - Unite Asia One Fashion Snaps
Door Front of the Store
Proud to be Asian!
 Hi Guys, its been almost 4months since my last post. Good to be back! Here's what I've been up: A RETAIL STORE and FASHION LABEL!

UAOF 同族一潮 was conceived with local pride and South East Asian vibes.

The guys behind the brand expressed their inspirations of South East Asian exposure and Singapore culture by designing garments that held steadfast to their beliefs. They believed by uniting together, South East Asia’s potential in the culture, fashion, design and the arts holds no boundaries. UAOF stands strong for Unite Asia One Fashion.

The UAOF Store (同族一潮 . 店) is where these tribal arsenals and accessories are. It is also the space where invited like-minded and cross-border brands, artists and designers can meet, trunk and collaborate.

Unite. We welcome you to be proud of our roots.

Expect more updates and the usual painting /illos. 2012 is gonna fcking awesome : )

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