Ben Qwek for The Hell Lotus Art Show 2012

Celebrating the first Singaporean designed and produced original vinyl art toy, the Hell Lotus, we invited 42 local and international artists to contribute their own rendition or artworks inspired by the Hell Lotus design.
Join us for the biggest, baddest urban art show in Singapore! With plenty of limited edition prints, shirts, original artworks and exclusive Hell Lotus up for grabs!
There will be a 'live' graffiti by artist Clogtwo, this 2.5m X 2.5m artwork will be auctioned off to the highest bidder
, proceeds go to charity. A fun-filled night including a photo booth, DJ, booze and meet with fellow artists and art collectors!
Hell Lotus is designed by Clogtwo, produced by Mighty Jaxx. We would like to thank our amazing sponsors, Sup, Foster's, Red Bull, Brilliant Prints, Function Group, Hello Stranger, Armadillo cases, Fukusuru, Zenith Cans and Dstry. 

Here's my contribution piece, hope y'all digg and see you @ the show. peace. B

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